Become a Partner

The evolution of L'AUBIER derives from the initiative of those who take responsibility for it, but it is only the recognition and support of a growing circle of partners that has allowed us to give our initiative concrete expression.

L'AUBIER has existed since the autumn of 1979. Its structure is based on a limited company which provides an envelope of finances and buildings for L'AUBIER’s activities, a foundation to foster initiatives, research and training, and a ‘public benefit’ association, L'AUBIER Partners, which manages bonds and loans. Headquartered in Montezillon in the canton of Neuchâtel (Municipality of Rochefort), the purpose of L'AUBIER is to develop lasting values and a sustainable future for humanity and its social and natural environment. Even though a company, L'AUBIER does not profit itself.

Our activities comprise:

  1. At Montezillon: a 35 ha bio-dynamic farm, whose products are guaranteed by the labels "Demeter", "bio-suisse", and "Freiland KAG".
  2. A 120 seat restaurant that serves creative cuisine prepared in-house, without industrial processing, mainly using ingredients from our own farm, and several rooms for seminars and banquets. Our kitchen is certified with the labels Demeter, bio-suisse and Goût-Mieux.
  3. An eco-hotel with 25 rooms of incomparable charm, a member of BIO-Hotels.
  4. A large shop and a grocery store with organic products from our farm and other organic suppliers.
  5. An eco-residential quarter Les Murmures for families and senior citizens.
  6. We seek to add soon care and support for those at the end of their life.
  7. In Neuchatel: a café and a small hotel of 9 rooms, of the same style and quality as at Montezillon.

Funding (as at end of 2013):

For L'AUBIER, the relationships between financial partners, managers and employees are a form of partnership, as reflected by its open and transparent and dialogue promoting accounting. In early 2016, 1518 persons were participating financially in the future of L'AUBIER, made up as follows:

  1. Voting share capital: 714 shareholders who subscribed for 4.5 million. The shares are registered and worth CHF 1000.- each.
  2. Non-voting share capital: 143 shareholders totalling CHF 1 million, in non-voting shares registered and worth CHF 5000.- each.
  3. Direct lenders: 185 direct loans totalling CHF 3.7 million at an average interest rate of 1.0%.
  4. Bondholders: 530 bondholders subscribed bonds derived from five tranches valued at CHF 10,000.- each over a period of 5 years and totalling CHF 13.0 million.
  5. The balance of CHF 6.9 million is borrowed from the Cantonal Bank, Vaudoise Insurance, the CoOpera PUK pension fund and Weleda pension fund.